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What sad news this morning.
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Wow, it's already mid-February and I've only finished one book. It's gonna be that kind of year.

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Found this gem and thought it perfectly captured the excitement of opening a new Jeeves book.

PG Wooster, Just as he Useter
Bound to your bookseller, leap to your library,
Deluge your dealer with bakshish and bribary,
Lean on the counter and never say when,
Wodehouse and Wooster are with us again.

Flourish the fish-slice, your buttons unloosing,
Prepare for the fabulous browsing and sluicing,
And quote, til you're known as the neighborhood nuisance,
The gems that illumine the browsance and sluicance.

Oh, fondle each gem, and after you quote it,
Kindly inform me just who wrote it.

Which came first, the egg or the rooster?
P.G.Wodehouse or Bertram Wooster?
I know hawk from handsaw, and Finn from Fiji,
But I can't disentangle Bertram from PG.

I inquire in the school room, I ask in the road house,
Did Wodehouse write Wooster, or Wooster Wodehouse?
Bertram Wodehouse and PG Wooster,
They are linked in my mind like Simon and Schuster.
No matter which fumbled in '41,
Or which the woebegone figure of fun.
I deduce how the faux pas came about,
It was clearly Jeeves's afternoon out.
Now Jeeves is back, and my cheeks are crumply
From watching him glide through Steeple Bumpleigh.
Ogden Nash
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I thought we got past that. You disappoint me.

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 I might get it embroidered on my girdle.
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The only good thing about my long, long commute is being able to listen to "Cabin Pressure" on the way. I barely notice the miles flying by as I giggle to myself in the car.

I am in control. )
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I wish we had some inkling of what the storyline was going to be in ST12. At least then we could speculate with fanart and fics, rather than waiting in the dark for years.

Badass fanart is relevant to my comment and my interest.

ST: Brothers by medicated maniac.  Original link.

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The moment I blogged a Sherlock photo on my tumblr. I have a feeling the floodgates are now open.

But how could I resist? It's a fanart mashup of Adventure Time and Sherlock!

It's so adorable!

what time is it? by ~viCtORy-SaN on deviantArt

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This one kills me. Their legs, especially, but everything.  I don't know how I'm going to get through another year waiting.
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A cute graphic I saw on reddit, made by user schildkroete.

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"The Reichenbach Fall" which is the last in the season. Really great.

Of course, the ending was ruined for me by all the people on tumblr posting pics and gifs, but on the other hand, those pics & gifs were what pushed me to watch it. So, win/win? -ish?
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I watched an episode of the BBC's "Sherlock," "A Scandal in Belgravia," which I chose because I've read that story.

My thoughts. Not very deep thoughts. )

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It doesn't seem possible that DB is old enough to collect retirement, but so it is. Check out this amazing early vid of him in "Major Tom."

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New Year, new book list.

It's all happening here. )

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It's come to my attention that quite a few writers have penned some DS9 stories for Yuletide! Check them out here:

Yuletide stories here.

Merry Christmas!
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