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It was a great year for fanfiction, particularly for the Star Trek fandom. Authors really started to stretch their wings and branch out into strange new AUs and seek out new angles on the old characters. Here are a few of my favorite stories from 2010. Thank you to all the authors who have given me so much pleasure!

Thanks also to the mods & contributors at [livejournal.com profile] crackenterprise, where I found several of these stories. Many's the time I'd become discouraged after reading too many mediocre things, and they'd recommend a story that brought back my faith in fandom. They have great taste at that comm!

"Your First Time Should Be Special" by helenish - http://helenish.livejournal.com/163914.html
Reboot K/S first time fic. The funniest thing I've read all year.

"Homecoming" by beedlebarg - http://lamasart.livejournal.com/9650.html
Reboot. Kirk wakes up from an away mission with no memory of the last 20 years. He comes home to Spock and their family and tries to rebuild his life. Brilliant. (As beedlebarg deleted her journal, the link leads you to a page of links with zip files. Click on "K/S only" and download!)
Now with alternate link: http://rip-beedlebarg.livejournal.com/18232.html

"Bang a Gong" by stripedpetunia. http://community.livejournal.com/startrekbigbang/42754.html
Reboot K/S from the Big Bang. Long and satisfying.

"Fighting Gravity" by mullenkamp. http://community.livejournal.com/plotamari/3575.html
Reboot AU. In this story, Spock never rejoined the Enterprise after they defeated the Narada. Kirk runs across Spock back on Earth a few years later, in the airport, begging. He's homeless, and Kirk is determined to find out what happened.

"A Failure of Logic" by mullenkamp. http://community.livejournal.com/plotamari/1079.html
TOS. Spock overhears Kirk in the next room, with a woman. Poignant angst. I've read this one over and over.

"Unethically Obtained" by what_alchemy
. http://what-alchemy.livejournal.com/1661.html
Reboot. Spock discovers a preoccupation with his captain's very normal Starfleet-issue underpants. So funny, and so hot.

"Cover of NIght" by Killa.  http://ksarchive.com/viewstory.php?sid=4&warning=1
OK this wasn't written in 2010, but I read it in 2010. Anyway, it's one of my all-time favorites and it's going on the list.
TOS. Ultra-angsty. How it probably would have really gone down between them.

Het pairings
"The House of Amanda" by screamlet - http://screamlet.livejournal.com/17688.html
Great reboot gen story from Amanda's pov; the struggles of raising a Vulcan family. Beautiful.

"Fascination" by ejectingthecore & TalesFromTheSpockSide - http://community.livejournal.com/trek_het/68583.html
The hottest het pairing I've ever read anywhere. Don't try to read this all in one sitting - you'll explode from the hawt. TOS Spock/OFC.

On the same level of hotness, ejectingthecore's other scorcher, Specificity, is equally good. It was published in 2009.

"The Girl's Alright" by StarTrekFanWriter - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6121270/1/

Reboot Spock/T'Pring, Spock/Uhura. I love T'Pring and think she's (mostly) horribly wronged in fandom. This writer shows us all the reasons T'Pring may have chosen to reject Spock without vilifying her.

"What We Think We Know" by NotesFromAClassroom - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6290860/1/What_We_Think_We_Know
Spock/Uhura Academy reboot. Each chapter is told as an event from Uhura's point-of-view, then goes to a flashback from Spock that informs the event, then to a retelling of the scene from Spock's pov.  Sounds repetitive but it's riveting. The writing was so vivid, there are scenes I'll never forget. Sadly there is no resolution to this story, but the author does point to other stories she's written that can be read as continuations of this one.

"Daddy's Little Girl" by trek_bdsm. http://trek-bdsm.livejournal.com/865.html
Kirk/Rand roleplay of the naughtiest kind.

"A Child of Two Worlds" by maxwrite (madeyemax). http://bloodywellwrite.dreamwidth.org/33657.html
Reboot Scotty/Uhura and kind of Spock too. I never thought of Reboot Scotty as sexy, until this story. Uhura is also usually not my favorite character (in most reboot she's so tense and judgmental), but here she's cool, fun, confident. Oh yeah, and there's also super-hot sex with a voyeuristic angle!

Spock/McCoy stories
"Honorable Enemies" by zauzat - http://zauzat.livejournal.com/11067.html
Reboot AU in which the Romulans are winning the war. Amazing writing & characterizations.

"The Opposite of Expediency" by ewinfic
. http://ewinfic.livejournal.com/40154.html
Reboot. Spock has horrific scarring and goes to McCoy for treatment. There, he tells his story of abuse, and McCoy's heart goes out to him. Tender hurt/comfort.

"Abnormal Growth" by janice_lester. http://janice-lester.livejournal.com/66157.html
Reboot(?) K/S/McCoy.  Spock's penis is growing, and Kirk and McCoy are concerned. It's hilarious, then beautiful and sensitive and sharply-observed. The characterizations of Spock and McCoy are spectacular.

"Things That Never Happened: Blue" by nemo the everbeing
Post-apocalyptic AU with Spock and McCoy making their weary way through a destroyed Earth. Warning: there's pretty much no sex in this one. But it's tragically poetic.

Other pairings
Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant by hollycomb - http://hollycomb.livejournal.com/189522.html
This story has everything: angst, suspected character death, characterizations that make you think in new ways about the characters you've come to love, and hot sex. Although everything hollycomb writes is wonderful, this was my favorite of the whole year.  Reboot Sulu/Chekov/Kirk story.

"Karma" by graceandfire. http://community.livejournal.com/issenterprise/15237.html
I find most mirrorverse to be too cruel and gory. This one was that, but had an amazing story with a great payoff, and was so well-written you almost didn't mind the cruelty.  Reboot Kirk/McCoy (kind of - is it a pairing if they hate each other?).

"The Czernak Protocol" by lindmere
. http://lindmere.livejournal.com/22361.html
Kirk enters medically-induced amnesia and slowly rebuilds his memory of what happened to him. Reboot Kirk/McCoy.

Non-Trek Stories
"The Good Faun" by StarTrekFanWriter. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5826335/1/
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia. I had no idea how desperately I needed Lucy/Tumnus fanfic until I read this story. It's delicately told, with sensitivity to Lucy's age and the appropriateness of her developing attraction to Tumnus.
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