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haikitteh ([personal profile] haikitteh) wrote2013-02-15 07:08 am

Jeeves favorites

Who doesn't love Jeeves & Wooster?

Just keeping a list of faves for myself to remember.

Jeeves and the Inferior Valet, or Thomas and the Kindest Man in England by Alex51324
A Jeeves/Downton Abbey crossover. The first Jooster fic I read, because I was so desperate for any Thomas fic in the Downton fandom. Really fun narrative play, as it jumps from Bertie's voice to Thomas's voice.

"Sorting Out the Dance Card" by thirstyrobot.
Wonderful story about the boys going to Paris, feeling angsty & unrequited in a Paris nightlcub. The one with the lesbian pals who try to push them along.

Storyfan has lots of charming J/W stories, but these are my favorites:
"Love is Blind"
Bertie comes home in pain one night and is blind by morning. Excellent pacing, wonderful characterizations. If you like hurt/comfort, this is one of the best in the fandom.
"Jeeves and the Unmasked Balls" 
J&W go to a costume party at the Drones with Bertie in drag. Jeeves gets really jealous and who doesn't love Hugh in drag?
"Jeeves and the Dread Pirate Wooster"
J&W go on vacation in Cuba, Bertie dresses up like a pirate. Nice combo of delicious filth and sweet affection.

Mice is one of my favorite writers in this fandom. Her style and insight into character make each story a gem.
Bertie Wooster Wins the Day. The boathouse story. Richly atmospheric and poetic.
The Problem With Eustace.  Jeeves comes to Bertie when he's being harassed by Eustace, and Bertie flies into a rage.
Jeeves and the Green Eyed Whatsit. Bertie brings home an Italian chum, and Jeeves gets jealous.
Unsuitable. Bertie comes home with his evening suit torn to shreds after having been mugged by monkeys.
Jeeves and the Secret of Service. Jeeves has a secret slave fantasy. Features Ginger Winship.