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haikitteh ([personal profile] haikitteh) wrote2012-04-20 07:38 pm
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Cabin Pressure makes the long journey bearable

The only good thing about my long, long commute is being able to listen to "Cabin Pressure" on the way. I barely notice the miles flying by as I giggle to myself in the car.

Annnnnd now I've got a new fandom, reading as much Cabin Pressure fic as I can get my hands on. There's not much, but some of it is good. Thankfully AO3 makes it easy to search, and I've scarcely tapped it yet.

My only regret is what a fandom flirt I'm becoming - I was all about Star Trek, then abandoned it for DS9. Then DS9 got abandoned for Sherlock, now Sherlock abandoned for Cabin Pressure. So many years spent devoted to Trek, and now my fickle tastes are leading me into strange, new fandoms.

Downton Abbey didn't derail my fandom allegiance like this.  I did end up reading lots of traditionally published work because of it -- WWI novels and memoirs -- but never quite stopped reading fanfiction at the same time.